Parker J Pfister Photographer

Portrait Lighting With Intention (Acadia NP/ Bar Harbor Maine)

A photographic workshop focusing on portrait lighting. Finding it, understanding it, blocking it, creating it and mastering it.

"Parker doesn't just change the way you shoot, he changes the way you think. About everything". -James C.

Acadia NP/ Bar Harbor Maine | Sept 30-Oct 3, 2019 | 4days|3 nights | $2900| 6seats

Just because we have a new lighting kit doesn't mean we have to use it all the time. I see so many beautiful images ruined by un-intentional light. Or as I call it willy-nilly light. Thats the light that has been artificially added with no real reason. Yes it filled the shadows. But, did it kill the mood? Did it make the image all about the light? Does it empower the image you are trying to create?

I invite you to join us in this workshop where Parker J Pfister and Elizabeth Dankoski Alina will lead an expedition into your head, heart and gut in a surreal landscape with one common goal: to unlock your creative force and make imagery of your dreams.

This will be a hands-on workshop directly aimed at light.

Finding it, understanding it, blocking it, creating it and mastering it.

If you want to master your lighting and take your imagery to the next level, now is the time.

If you want more meaning from your images through light— and from yourself — step up.

This is your opportunity to find your unique voice.

You will leave knowing you are creative.

You will leave understanding your artistic translators.

You will leave understanding your own creative process.

You will leave able to self inspire.

We will be working with many different lighting scenarios, from multi light studio set-ups, to unique DIY lighting. We will find light anywhere and anytime of day and bend for a reason. We will face major challenges that we will rise up and triumph.

It’s become my mission and my passion to teach others what I taught myself:

A great photograph is more than a pretty picture.

A great photograph begs more questions than answers.

A great photograph should not only be seen but deeply felt.

A great photograph has story running deep through its layers.

A great photograph is determined by YOU and therefore a great photograph can be created by YOU.

A great photograph changes the course of history. Whether it is your history, the history of one person or the history of the world.

This is your value. This is your task. This is your time.

Isn’t it time to make your photographs include a part of you? Isn’t it time to find your authentic self?

I will answer for you.


We need you.

An investment of $2900 includes your lodging, model fees, location fees, breakfast, lunch and dinners.

*Your retainer of $1000 will reserve your space in this workshop. The balance of $1900 will be due 60 days prior to the workshop date.

This workshop will be limited to 6.

Both Film and Digital are welcome.

2 models will be with us to personify your dreams.

More details . . .

Monday is check in/ meet and greet, preview of the week and a welcome dinner. Show up around 4pm.

Tuesday morning we explore the Light-Heart theory. With our belief that the camera and gear get in the way of the photographer and the photographer gets in the way of the artist, you will set aside your gear to discover your unique purpose for pushing the shutter button. You will find the reason for lighting in a particular way, not just because you can.

Most of this morning, you will be digging deep in your soul with Elizabeth and me to uncover your dreams, creative process, and the path to your own why. This will give you a direction and intention to your lighting. Lighting is more about the why and less about the how.

Continuing throughout the workshop, we will be helping you with the why's and the how's. We will be up early clickin’ to get the good light. Afternoon reset/ breakout sessions, followed by evening light goodness. We will explore complex lighting and find lighting that is overlooked. We will have several options for lighting but if you want to bring what you know, that is fine too!

Thursday morning we will gather for review. Farewell to your new tribe of courageous creatives at 12 noon.

About the instructors:

Parker Pfister is an artist, a teacher and a mentor. He creates stories using photography and film as his translators. He is an avant-garde director of photography and photographer based out of Asheville, NC, and traveling often. His capacity to not only navigate and embrace any given situation, but to own it and make it speak is what distinguishes him from others. Parker has been a creative process educator for 19 years and photographing for over 35 years. His work has shown in Paris, Mexico City, Rome, Bangkok, and, most recently, Bologna, Italy.

Elizabeth Dankoski Alina is a writer, TEDx speaker, and the founder of The Dream School Project, a mentoring program for high school students. She originally began in the college consulting realm, where she helped students express their unique stories on their applications. As she moved deeper into her work, however, she became intrigued with helping her students understand what truly lights them up and what problems they want to solve. This interest plunged her deep into studying and teaching the creative process. As a result, she has helped hundreds of students develop a newfound sense of joy and purpose in their gifts. Elizabeth is now partnering with Parker to share her passion for teaching the creative process and helping others bring their unique artistry to the world.

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What past attendees are saying!

"When you know how to use the gear in your hands, but over time, the gears in your head have locked up. Parker J Pfister takes you apart piece by piece, before the workshop even begins, and rewires your brain so that the gears in your head work the gear in your hand in a whole new way!" Kim D.

"Parker reminded me that photography is an art form, not just a service I provide."
-Clare B.

"I have never been to a workshop where it was not about the instructor but it was truly about me. I have never had an experience before or since quite like it. I learned to embrace me and my own path and make peace with it in a way that it began to show up in my work like never before. It was life changing and career changing. It was the best gift I could have ever given myself." -Cindy S.

"This workshop was the catalyst in our business that propelled us in a direction that separated us from the rest of the photography crowd. Rather than Parker just teaching you how he does what he does or how he shoots the details and bride and groom, he teaches you how to shoot in a way that makes it completely you, and in doing so you find your voice and your work becomes a representation of your soul. This Workshop was the best money we have ever spent on our business and is one of the biggest reason our work stands out the way it does, ultimately leading to bookings and finding the right clients for us!" -Devin R.

All Images from previous Parker J workshops.