Parker J Pfister Photographer

Wandering Iceland Workshop

A full course photographic Workshop focusing on experimental photography

"Life Altering. Best Investment in my professional education. Just Do It." -Wendy R.

Wandering Iceland| September 12-21, 2022| 10days| $6500| 6 seats

Experience 10 days of endless wonder as it collides and forms

with landscape, fine art photography and experimental portraiture.

Parker J Pfister will lead an expedition in two 4x4's into this amazing

landscape with 6 like minded souls with one common goal; confronting the unknown and

making imagery of dreams.

We will venture far past the obvious.(AND far from the crowds)

We will be challenged. We will learn together.

Some will experience a true photographic process, as an

art form for the first time. Others will find themselves.

The power of this Icelandic people and landscape will change you.

The power of finding yourself will set you free.

Any photographer that wants more meaning from the image

and for yourself, step up. It is your time to rise.

This is your time to show the world something new...YOU.

This is your opportunity to find your unique voice.

*Your retainer of $2000 will reserve you a space in this workshop. The balance will be due 45 days prior to the workshop date.

This workshop will be limited to 6.

An investment will include your stay and transportation around Iceland during the workshop dates. All you have to do is get there!

Choose from:

10 days $6500

7 days $5500

5 days $4500

Workshop attendees are responsible for air travel to/from Iceland, meals, food and any local fees.

For more information or to be added to our list for early release fill out the form below.

What past attendees are saying!

"Parker doesn't just change the way you shoot, he changes the way you think. About everything". -James C.

"When you know how to use the gear in your hands, but over time, the gears in your head have locked up. Parker J Pfister takes you apart piece by piece, before the workshop even begins, and rewires your brain so that the gears in your head work the gear in your hand in a whole new way!" Kim D.

"Parker reminded me that photography is an art form, not just a service I provide."
-Clare B.

"I have never been to a workshop where it was not about the instructor but it was truly about me. I have never had an experience before or since quite like it. I learned to embrace me and my own path and make peace with it in a way that it began to show up in my work like never before. It was life changing and career changing. It was the best gift I could have ever given myself." -Cindy S.

"This workshop was the catalyst in our business that propelled us in a direction that separated us from the rest of the photography crowd. Rather than Parker just teaching you how he does what he does or how he shoots the details and bride and groom, he teaches you how to shoot in a way that makes it completely you, and in doing so you find your voice and your work becomes a representation of your soul. This Workshop was the best money we have ever spent on our business and is one of the biggest reason our work stands out the way it does, ultimately leading to bookings and finding the right clients for us!" -Devin R.

All Images from previous Parker J workshops.