Parker J Pfister Photographer
revelations (april)

Revelations (April)

Emerging from her impossible past she had held for so long.
Greeted with howls and glares she crossed borders into this foreign land of hope.
“I thought there would be more.” 
Expectations fall like a tree in the woods.
Alone she must find her way through the tangled forest of lure.
Driven by promise and heavy with reality she pushes back and pushes forward. 
Finding little acceptance she is left to clamber, hide and wander.
Beat up and beat down her pale skin bruises as easy as the flesh of a peach. 
“Is this worth the fight?”
Hope glimmers in the distance but with each step it seems further away.
Reflections bring revelations. Revelations bring clarity.
The past, present and future all converge here.
“I can be. I will be. I am.” 


📷: Parker J Pfister
💃🏼: Ivy Hawkins
👗: R Brooke Priddy Conrad with Ship to Shore
💄: Zhenya Lazarchuk 
💇🏼: Zhenya Lazarchuk. 
Music: the cullens- 4am
Licensed through- Triple Scoop Music
Each month of the year 2017, a new chapter to the story will be released. Stay tuned!