Parker J Pfister Photographer


I believe that an image that inspires you, triggers a change, or that you feel a deep unknowing connection with should become a tangible piece of art. It should become an archive and heirloom to be shared with your closest friends and family. It should become a print. It was never made to live in a computer screen. It was meant to be felt with your heart and seen with your eyes often. This is your chance to purchase a limited print from the Monthly Collector Series that is personally printed and signed on verso(10" prints are unsigned) by Parker J Pfister. Every month I will issue 12 new images to be considered for your collection. Once the end of the month rolls around these Monthly Collector Series prints will no longer be available and a new set will be issued for the next month. All prints printed on museum grade mediums and are approximate sizes with a small white border surrounding the image.

By making this purchase you are supporting me to create more imagery of the way I see the world and I can not thank you enough.

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