Burgundy, France workshop

My workshop in Burgundy, France.

This particular workshop was on “process”.

To say it was wildly successful would be a gross understatement. I went into this workshop at a little different angle of approach.

I went into it with 5 objectives.
1. Each person will know that they are creative.
2. Each person will find the path of their why.
3. Each person will find their creative translator.
4. Each person will walk away knowing self-inspiration.
5. Each person will understand their own creative process.

All of these objectives were realized by each of the attendees. Now, that is my definition of success. 

This was a PHOTOGRAPHY workshop covering many genres of the art.

This was a portrait/fine art/nude/landscape workshop.

We focused on making superior images, with lessons on when to settle and when to push further. Exploring the ideas behind what makes a memorable image. THIS is our mission as a photographer. Making images that we see once and it sticks with us, sometimes for a lifetime. You can see the reel HERE! 

I challenged these photographers to slow down and think about these key elements that I believe make a memorable image or at least get us closer!

•Having a story to tell, whether it be truth or fiction. Say something. THIS is an endless well to pull from and where authenticity is born!

Even if you are the only one that can see it or translate it, having this starting point for your image is key! It can be something simple like this simple statement I just pulled out of the air. “Happy to be alive, but flowers makes me cry”. This leaves wide interpretation to your image. What could you do with this statement? This could be sad, happy or sorrowful. It is whatever YOU want it to be.

•Then choosing your canvas. The location/scene you select for your image is a major key to making a memorable image.

•Styling the scene. Taking time to perfect the field of view. Perfecting the wardrobe, makeup and hair. Taking time to convey your purpose of this image to your subject. This is styling too. We will have amazing wardrobe and world class styling and models on hand to make some truly magical images together!

•Posing and un-posing will be another element. How to construct the mood in your subjects body, then let them make it their own and settle into it.

•Now add or subtract light!! Lighting will be a key element to this workshop. Lighting with finesse, with attitude, and with purpose!! Light is our megaphone for the words we are trying to say.

•Then step back and take inventory.

Check your canvas. Could it be altered in any way to make it “stronger”? Do you have leading lines? Is there distractions that could be removed by simply moving up or down or left or right?

Look at all aspects of your styling. What could be altered? Should it be? How does this relate to your story of this image?

Does the current pose speak to you? Will it speak to your story? Is it supposed to look real or uncomfortable?

Now perfect your light in the whole overall scene. Too many photographers light without a purpose. Just because you add light doesn’t make it a success. Sometimes the simplest lighting is more powerful. Sometimes finding the light that existed in the scene already makes the strongest image of all.

We just need to manipulate it with camera settings and see it in a different speed or level of intensity. This is one of the hardest hurdles in lighting. Seeing something that is right in front of you but your eyes cannot see it. Only after scientific settings in your camera will the magical image appear.

•Now we drop our shutter. Now we can send out your message to the world. Now we can inspire the world to read our stories.

These were their stories created without a camera for 2 days and then perfected to their own taste. Enjoy!