Day 5 of the Hwy 80 project

Threats don’t scare me too awful much, especially when I know an angel.

Mr. Joe was the dad of a guy I met across the road, from another guy I met down the street who had the shotgun a few days back down in Georgia. Remember him? Anyway, The guy across the road said “you should go photograph my dad. He lives right over there” as he pointed to a house with all kinds of broken down machinery, trucks and buses in the yard. “He would be great for your project, if he will let you.” He was a logger and lost some fingers. “Pulled ‘em right off and he finished the day”. Well I had to meet this guy right!?

I rolled up and he came out from under the hood of an old ford truck with this pipe wrench. I said “Howdy.” He said “what you want” Oh boy. I explained what I was doing and he second it would be ok if I made his portrait on one condition. “I might be wanted. I’m not sure, but if I see this picture on americas most wanted I am going to hit you with this here wrench so your ears touch. All the way through.” This was said as he was demonstrating with the wrench and a full set of serious eyes staring at me. “Yes sir” I said. “Now I gotta get back to work” He said and turned and walked off. He was 93 years old but he was still pretty intimidating!

Over in Mississippi a few days later I walked in to a coffee shop and met Brittany. She was literally beaming light and radiance. Angelic. She was the most genuinely happy soul I had met in a long while. Her smile and body language was so inviting and calming. Angelic for sure. I asked if I could make a portrait of her and she literally squealed with delight. “Please!” she said. I was so taken with her presence I didn’t even ask her any questions. I guess she told me all I needed to know. When you are out there on the road dong these type of projects it sure is comforting to know people like her exist.