Day 3 of the Hwy 80 project

Curiosity will lead you. Let it.

While I was passing through Mississippi I had an awesome co-pilot that showed me some sights. (more on her and her portrait later)
One of the things we passed was a restaurant named Twin Peaks and I was instantly intrigued and wanted to go. She laughed as she thought I was joking.
I told her that David Lynch made magic with the series Twin Peaks and it was my favorite cult shows ever and I had to see this place. Well, she laughed again and said, “alright then, thats were we will have lunch”. You can imagine my face when we walked in. Or maybe you can’t, but it was shock, embarrassment and a little, tiny bit of excitement. Excitement for the portrait that I knew would have to happen here, of course!
I was met by Ashlyn at the door as she was our hostess and was the perfect candidate. She was kind, personable and bubbly. I guess these are the perfect requirements for the job. She shined pure joy in what she does. I made 3 images and this one pulled at my heart. For a split second she dropped her guard and let me peek into see all of the things she carries that can’t be shown as a hostess. At first I saw hurt and pain in this image. But the more I sit with it I see such strength and power in her in this moment. We humans have to mask off the world sometimes. It takes strength to do this.
Trot ahead to Parker county, Texas and say hi to Macy. She was competing in a Jr rodeo that night. It was a Saturday night. I asked her how often this thing happens. She replied “ I am here every weekend competing and I practice for it every day” She lives the life. There is honor and joy in that. She asked why I was here and I said this was my county…
I can’t wait for the next why 80 trip in April.