Top 10 Wedding Photographers in the World!? Really?

Hello World,

So today I find myself somewhere between a dream and a nightmare or drifting between dylan and manson if you like.(marilyn that is) You know, one of those places where you are thrilled to be, but have no idea how you got there. Maybe thinking that perhaps they have invited the wrong person to the party. My dad would have said something like, “you’re feeling like a turd in a punch bowl” . Kind of out of place, is what he was trying to say. I feel I am in that bowl right now. But I think my dad would be pretty proud right now.

So anyway, I was just named one of the top 10 wedding photographers in the world by american photo magazine. To say I am humbled to be included in this would be a huge understatement. The top 10 include some of the most influential wedding photographers of our time many of which I have respected and looked up to for years. Real photographers with notches in their belts. Real photographers that have seen a brides dad cry but have also been on the front lines overseas at wartime. Photographers that set the bar, again and again. I have always had one goal as a photographer. Make an image better that my last. I push myself to make that perfect image that doesn’t exist. I am head over heals in love with photography. It is part of me. And I do it all for my soul. But my biggest award as a photographer is making someone feel something when they look at an image I have made for them. Whether they feel joyful or sad, inspired or angry . I made them feel. That is what we are for. That is what an image is for. I am honored to be a photographer. This newly added title is just the icing on the cake. I am truly thrilled to be a part of this. I feel like I need to thank all of my friends who pushed me, clients who trusted me, vendors who promoted me, and family who loved me no matter what. Below are links to the 9 photographers that share this honor with me. Some of which are great friends and some are souls I have not met. But maybe thats the point.

I hope to continue my addiction for many years. But I guess we will have to wait and see where  this crazy ride takes us.

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Marcus Bell Brisbane, Australia

Greg Gibson Washington DC

Dina Douglass Los Angeles, California

Yervant Melbourne, Australia

Rocco Ancora Melbourne, Australia

Nate & Jaclyn Kaiser San Diego, California

Camille & Chadwick Bensler Vancouver, BC

Jesse & Whitney Chamberlin Atlanta, Georgia

Jonas Peterson Brisbane, Australia

you all rock!!!